JVS Food Grade Plastic 16 Spice Jar, 6.5X6.5X11.5, Solid Burgundy

Each bottle holds 100 ml.



Great storage solution for herbs and spices storing and retrieving spices for daily use in cooking can often be a difficult and cumbersome task. The jvs plastic spice rack features 16 jars and a smartly designed central rack, making it the perfect spice storage solution in your kitchen. Made from food-grade plastic and featuring an easy-to-use design, you can be assured of your health and hygiene with this spice rack. Store a wide selection of your finest spices, herbs, condiments and more in these jars and instantly access them whenever you need. Unique design for instant accessibility the central spice rack features a specially designed revolving base that facilitates easy access to any of the 16 jars. Featuring lids with twist mechanism for fine spices and coarse granules, the jars do not have to be fully opened in order to access the spices. Additionally, with the help of perfectly fitting slots, the jars are securely held in position once placed. Its solid burgundy colour and rich design helps in improving the overall decor of your kitchen space. Convenient features for ease of use made from transparent plastic, the jvs plastic spice rack makes it easy to identify the contents of these jars without having to open them. Quickly access your pepper, cardamom, turmeric powder and more and cook your favorite recipes with ease.

Each bottle holds 100 ml.

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