AURION Wrist/Ankle Weights Home Gym Weight Bands

Ankle / wrist weight 4 kg set (2 kg x 2 )
Easy-to-grip contour handles for comfort and safety
Package Contents: 1 Pair of Ankle Weight



Ankle Wrist Weights Ideal for those who are just starting out on their fitness journey and those who are looking to amp up their workout sessions, our ankle wrist weights will help you tone and slim your lower and upper body. Adding an ankle wrist weight to your favourite exercises will bring a whole new challenge to those moves that your body has become used to, improving your toning ability. Pile on the Weights Made of the most robust canvas material, these hard-wearing weights are filled with sand, making them soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time – great if you are intending to undertake a long, hardcore workout! The secure Velcro fastening ensures they stay in place at all times – even through the most intensive of cardio workouts. Available in seven different weights, you can order a few sizes and choose how heavy you want to work each time. These ankle weights are perfect for ab exercises that involve your legs, adding an extra dimension to leg raises, v-sits and scissor kicks, giving extra toning benefits to your legs and abs. They will also make for a more challenging run if you prefer to exercise outdoors. They double up as wrist weights, so you can tone your upper body through arm circles and ladder climbs, and just try to do a few burpess with them on – we dare you! Weight A Minute… Those who aren’t keen on high impact exercises, or are just getting started with fitness, can still use these weights effectively. Pop them on your ankles when walking the dog or going shopping and build up your stamina without even noticing! The extra resistance provided will ensure your legs are toning throughout the time you are wearing the weights. The long strap fits around ankles of all shapes and sizes and the classic black shade means you won’t have any problems with clashing clothes. If you need a leg up with your fitness, these ankle wrist weights will be sure to give you the boost you need.

Ankle / wrist weight 4 kg set (2 kg x 2 )
Easy-to-grip contour handles for comfort and safety
Package Contents: 1 Pair of Ankle Weight
Solid polyester material for long lasting
Sport Type: Exercise & Fitness

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